Barry gained his degree in Sculpture at Leicester, UK  in the mid 70's doing large figurative pieces.  As his work had drawn on natural history themes for some years it was a logical progression to work as a model-maker at the Natural History Museum, London; it enabled him to produce his own sculpture in tandem with museum projects.

As a result he was able to study anatomy and various preservation techniques; a crucial factor if one doesn't want to create the obnoxious odours Stubbs was reputed to have produced.  Having a good knowledge of anatomy in a purely scientific way has, he feels, helped him to produce impressions of animals in life or death; enabling him to be inventive with form without compromising the inner rationale of the animals.

The work on this page covers his sculpture and drawings, produced over the last fifteen years, which have been shown at various galleries including the Royal Academy in London.

Barry Sutton & Piglet




The Langurs                 Chieftain

 The Langurs                                                         Chieftain


Bog Man             Homunculus

Bog Man                                                            Homunculus


Drill    Running Warthogs

Drill                                                      Running Warthogs


Running Ostrich                Sentinel

Running Ostrich                                                    Sentinel


 The Gibbet

  The Gibbet


All the sculpture on this page is cast in bronze and polished or patinated.
'The Langurs' is on  display at The Natural History Museum, London.
All sculpts are for sale in either bronze or cold cast metal (GRP).



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